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LinkedIn: Project Ignite

Event Branding, Conceptual Design, Art Direction


Designed at Apparent for LinkedIn

Project Ignite was an internal program created by LinkedIn to unify their salesforce, as they planned to roll out global division restructures. They piloted Project Ignite in Asia-Pacific with an extensive learning program and came to us to create a theme and identity to bring it all together.

Unifying a global salesforce.

The most important thing was to have sales reps feel comfortable with the change in their roles and the new knowledge they needed to be successful.
To lighten up feelings of uncertainty and pressure, I created a fun yet familiar logo and identity that leaned on their existing branding. I used space motifs to tell the story of Ignite: “Right now, we have two feet firmly planted on the ground. Ignite expands the universe before our eyes. With Ignite we are getting ready to rocket into the stratosphere.”


The project’s branded experience was then rolled out through every touchpoint – from emails to digital banners, presentations, digital and physical workbooks, checklists, engagement installations, table designs, SWAG, signage, photo booths and more.

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