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In Play

Art Direction, Illustration, Storyboarding


Designed at Apparent for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

LinkedIn asked us to develop an internal marketing campaign to get sales reps excited about kicking off the new financial year. So we developed ‘In play’ – it was brought to life visually playing on the theme of games, lending itself nicely to sales smarts and strategic thinking.

After developing the campaign theme with the copywriter and art director, I was tasked to develop a look and feel. I then applied it across a multitude of assets including videos, presentations, emails, banners, digital stickers, and Zoom backgrounds. I created custom illustrations and evolved LinkedIn’s current brand shapes and colour palette to provide a unique identity for the Sales Team within their home. The abstract bauhaus shapes are used as a metaphor for team building, growing, and belonging.

Employees used the digital stickers in chats, emails and internal presentations as a fun and friendly element to kicking off the new financial year, reflecting their team culture.

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