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About Me.

Hi! I'm a Sydney-based Graphic Designer with 5+ years of experience at creative agencies. My integrated skillset allows me to design solutions that meet the specific needs of clients across various platforms, from screens to printed materials and physical spaces. Notably, I have worked with high-profile clients including LinkedIn, Google, Snapchat, Australia’s Nation Brand, and the Australian Fashion Council.

During my uni years, I interned at Deloitte and Landor, gaining valuable insight into the dynamic world of marketing and design. Over four years at Apparent Communications, I advanced from a Junior to Mid-Weight Designer, specialising as the brand guardian for LinkedIn and Australia’s Nation Brand. Working at a creative agency accelerated my career growth, exposed me to diverse clients and industries, and refined my skills in all aspects of design. I have worked on various campaigns from concept to rollout, with expertise spanning across brand identity, logo design, social assets, digital banners, eDMs, UX/UI, presentations, reports, OOH posters/billboards, print collateral, and event/conference design.

In addition to my daily responsibilities, I was an active member of the DEI Taskforce, playing a role in shaping workplace culture and wellbeing. We initiated a High School Engagement Program to introduce the marketing industry to young creatives from disadvantaged backgrounds, which I consider my biggest accomplishment. Mentoring students brought me the most satisfaction, knowing I was helping them unlock new possibilities.

I briefly worked at Hotwire, a tech PR agency, where I played a significant role in enhancing the company's global and APAC market presence. I contributed to the growth, marketing, and brand development by creating compelling designs and concepts that connected with both B2B and B2C clients on a personal level.

I'm now freelancing and always ready to take on a new challenge and push boundaries. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna work together! 



Freelance Designer

Apr 2024 – Current

Working with creative agencies across various campaigns and design needs, as well as independent projects for small businesses. Currently on a freelance contract until mid-July.


Conceptual Designer

Oct 2023 – Apr 2024

I actively contributed to advancing the company's presence and success in global and APAC markets. My role involved driving growth, working on client pitches, helping develop internal marketing strategies, brand development, and communication tactics. I also delivered impactful and emotionally resonant concepts and designs for both B2B and B2C clients, a key client one including Snapchat. Notably, I developed a sub-brand for a content series to position Hotwire as thought leaders in the tech and PR space.


Graphic Designer

Jul 2019 – Oct 2023

Responsible for creating digital, print and experiential marketing collateral, as well as mentoring juniors and interns. Designed multiple campaigns for LinkedIn’s global marketing team including international event branding and experience, podcast development and branding, and concepting + illustrating storyboards for animated videos. Key clients include Linkedin, Google, Grammarly, Australia's Nation Brand, and Australian Fashion Council.

I was also part of the company's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Taskforce and developed a High School Engagement Program. This is an initiative to introduce the marketing industry to young creatives from underprivileged backgrounds, and ensuring a fair and diverse workforce for the future of the industry.

Landor & Fitch

Creative Internship

Aug 2018 – Sept 2018

Worked closely with the creative directors and design team to assist in ideation and development of packaging, print/OOH, and social/digital collateral for B2C and B2B clients. Key clients included Coca Cola, Australian Open, Westpac, and Event Cinemas.


Graphic Design/Marketing Summer Vacationer

Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

Gained immense knowledge on branding in a business setting and learned to stay creative within strict guidelines by designing publishing outcomes for financial journals, branded collateral, and visualising data and analytics.

Volunteer work

Thread Together

Fulfilment Volunteer

Humanitarian Relief

Myself along with some colleagues helped stock 650 pairs of shoes and over 1000 items of clothing to provide essential relief for people and families who were affected by the devastation of the New South Wales and Queensland floods in 2022.

Project Afghanistan

Charity Organiser

Human Rights

I set up a non-profit charity campaign where people were able to donate directly to help disadvantaged people in Afghanistan. The things we take for granted in our everyday lives are almost unattainable to many people living in Afghanistan – this fundraiser helped people provide for their families, medical needs, and children's school supplies. I was able to spread the word through social media by sharing real people's stories that captured hearts around the world, gaining thousands of impressions and exceeding the funding goal.

Kids Helpline Hackathon

Student Volunteer

Mental Health

I was selected at my university to develop a donation based campaign and mobile app concept/prototype for Kids Helpline within 48 hours. The goal was to provide ideas on tackling charity fatigue, and I had the opportunity to pitch to Directors/C-suites from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Optus and SBS.

Education & Certifications

The Hobbs Consultancy

Diversity and Inclusion Essentials Certificate

Billy Blue College of Design
2016 – 2019

Bachelor of Communication Design


CliftonStrengths Certificate of Talent

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