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Design thinking, UX/UI, Branding


Designed at Billy Blue College of Design

Featured at:

‘Design can save your life: how can creativity improve comprehension of health data?’

Vivid Sydney 2018

Partnering with WPP Health & Wellness, I took part in an experimental event to challenge the status quo on how health data is traditionally presented. My task was to decode clinical data on ‘Medicinal Marijuana in the Treatment of Epilepsy’, and show how design can transform it into a comprehensible and visually engaging piece.

The effective communication of health data is not just a job, it is a responsibility.

My goal was to develop a way to personalise care, humanise support and respect patients as individuals with different lives using dynamic graphic communication solutions.


DigiDoctor is a digital platform that personalises health data based on machine learning technology. The key features include a chatbot, accessibility to real health care professionals, a personal health journal and organised and structured information that can be consumed at the reader’s own pace.

How it works

Developing the user journey started with defining the key people involved with the platform: patients and doctors. Looking in to their mind states and common pain points, I found the biggest issue was lack of time and information overload. I ensured these were my main considerations when creating a simple, empathetic, and clear solution.

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